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Life on board the Quattordici
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Enjoy and relax

For centuries Greece has been a preferred holiday destination. Thousands of visitors flock to the country every year to find their place under the sun. Most holidaymakers stay in a hotel or guest room on one of the islands or on the mainland. In choosing to embark on S/Y Quattordici, you can discover the numerous islands and splendid coastlines in a different and far more interesting way.

We pamper you on board with a superb breakfast, a diversified lunch and a large choice of beverages from the ship’s bar. At night you can choose the restaurant of your preference ashore.

A unique sailing experience

Pushed forward by a refreshing breeze and supported by the crystal blue water of the Aegean, you will experience Greece in a unique way. The trips vary in length from 3 to 6 hours a day, depending on the day’s destination. There will be ample time for you to discover the islands. Enjoy the peace and quietness of the uninhabited islands and desolate bays. Due to his longtime experience your multilingual skipper knows the best anchor spots in the area.