Unique crewed sailing holidays in Greece with skipper and hostess

Set sail in confidence!

With an experienced skipper on board you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just enjoy the sun, the sea, the land and the yacht without distractions.

Skipper Paul speaks, amongst other languages, Greek and English fluently and has been crossing this sailing area for many years. When sailing on the Quattordici, you can also be sure that the catering is taken care of and that the food is delicious!

Lien is your hostess. She will pamper you aboard with Greek and European food specialties and tell you stories about the history and mythology of the different islands we see on the way.

Skipper Paul also keeps a logbook!

Well, from time to time he does. You can read the latest instalment of his antics on Nidri and Quattordici on the Captain's Log webpage.